Esteban Feldman

Software Artisan

My name is Esteban Feldman, my passion computers

Computers are a great part of my life so...
I enjoy programming, specially with C#/ Unity3D and Python.
Goal: be a better person and a great Father.
Game Design and Development in Unity3D / C#.
Integrate 3rd party SDK: Google Play Services, PlayFab, etc...
Web development with Django/Flask, Backend, Micro Services, etc...
Front end programming with Javascript (jQuery, etc...)
Usually find myself deploying and setting up production environments.

My weapons of choice

unity3d, c#, python, django, elasticsearch, postgresql, flask, ansible, git, pytest, mongodb, memcached, supervisord, solr ...

Some projects i've worked on.

You Can Contact Me

esteban.feldman at gmail dot com

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